GPT4 doesn't accept 10,000 words, let alone 25,000

It feels a bit entitled to complain about something like this, but the only reason I started paying for the Plus service is because I wanted to be able to summarise large bodies of text. I’m accessing it through the web interface… does that somehow limit things?

I have the same problem. The maximum text input I could enter was 2331 words.

i am facing the same problem. Less than 2500 words…
I really disappointed. I hope this is transitory.
“GPT4” model in chatgpt is super fast and behaving exactly like “ChatGPT3.5”. Which also I don’t think is 3.5…
I hope they give us a solution or else I will cancel my subscription.

The official limit is as 15000 signs looks like… but maximum I can put is 2000 for now.