GPT4 api account using quota from web account

Right now we get 25 messages every 3 hours on the GPT4 web client.

Would it be possible to optionally get an api account that is rate limited by the same/shared quota? It could even be charged, perhaps even at a higher price than the regular API account.

Even a lower quota would be fine.

Heck - let’s get real folks - I’d be perfectly fine with demand based pricing. This will encourage folks to use the API more thoughtfully and for more higher value tasks, resulting in significantly more intelligent use of LLMs in the ecosystem.

It would also be nice to know that OpenAI has a sustainable model that we can at least build around.

Right now, with the lack of access, it’s unclear how things might change. Are they resisting providing access because they will have to change how it’s done?

Anything, really, to give us access to just test our code and make sure it works.

It’s at a point where some of us are having to figure out ways to effectively copy/paste from the web browser and that seems sort of silly for everyone concerned.