Gpt4-32k not accessible but gpt4 yes

I have access to gpt4 but gpt4-32k gives me an error all the time.
What I’m doing wrong ?
token limit is still very low in gpt4 normal.
thank you for your help

Access is not currently being granted to the 32k model for any new general users.

They seem to have removed this statement from the “GPT-4 general availability” announcement (maybe because it then just makes people ask “why” and “when”).

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thank you very much,
what is a new general user ?
I’m a paid user for a while.
so to have more token, we need to step back to 3.5 ?

curt answer: If you don’t have it, you’re not getting it anytime soon.

There is no mechanism to ask.

32k access was deployed early to a very small selection of people that applied to the waitlist with their case-use.

Just for even regular GPT-4, you should evaluate if you application really needs 5000+ words, at up to $0.30 per question, and see if you can’t manage your input better.

gpt-3.5-turbo-16k is an option, but I’ve found it’s best for also inputs of GPT-4’s max, or it simply starts to lose its instruction-following and information retrieval ability.

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He just means 32k access isn’t being given out to anyone new with very few, specific exceptions.