GPT3 to support users from your static technical docs

  • Problem:

    • Technically heavy products like dev tools have a problem, in that support personnel cannot answer technical questions. They wait for an engineer to respond which often takes several hours or takes days
  • Solution:

    • A tool that helps Support personnel by answering deep questions from technical documentation. At par with an engineer’s output.
  • Progress

    • It was #1 on ShowHN for 10hrs. 92point and 87 comments
    • The web app received 7k visitors in 24 hrs, 6K bot interactions
    • 200 waitlist signups, and from companies like SaS, Neo4J, ShipHero etc
    • 12 people have agreed to pay for the product. All this happened in 36hrs.

TwigQnA - SD 480p


Nice case! How did you manage to promote it like that? I don’t believe ShowHN alone played a role.

Hey, We were #1 on Show HN for 24 hrs. That brought a huge number of signups. Within a week of us being on HN we had 200 waitlist signups.


Wow, that’s crazy! Good luck with this project!