GPT Voice chat only listens wont send

Well I have a GPT 4 paid account and I used to be able to use voice chat, but the last few days when I went to use it shows me its listening but it never sends the message off to the server, so of course no response. However, when I login with a free 3.5 account it works. However, I try again with GPT4 and it does not work. Are you able to please get this to work on my account I had been using it multiple times a day and I would really like to keep using it. Anyone had similar issues?


Having the same issue. Very frustrating when you’re actually paying for the service.

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Same problem. I’m on the beta version of the Android app. Has anyone tried to step out of the beta programme and see if the last stable version has it working?

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I also am having problems where it never sends the message to the servers. I even tried to do the manual control. It would say release to send, but when I release it, it just goes back to listening.