GPT Versioning & Functionality Feedback in General

I can already see a need for versioning functionality in GPT Builder or custom GPTs in general.

A few observations:

  • I’ve iterated many times on a GPT’s instructions, and have to keep version history in a text file or something similar
  • I’ve interacted with the GPT Builder to ask a question or suggestion about the instructions and it sometimes overwrites the current set of instructions and sometimes doesn’t. If I hadn’t saved a copy of them every time, they would be lost.
  • Likely if this becomes a marketplace where users will be using others GPTs, there will need to be version numbers or something attached. How else would users know if something changed or what changed.
  • On a similar note, release notes, notes or something around versions on the front-end of the marketplace would be helpful. So users know what changed from the last time they interacted with their favorite GPT.
  • I can see this becoming crowded at an exponential rate. They are so easy to build that they will be a commodity. Supply will be high and as such, like most examples of this paradigm, only a few will rise to the top. that means though, there needs to be a mechanism for tracking these few or the favorite, best, etc. A search, rating, feedback system for GPTs will be crucial. Essentially, most all basic app store functionality will need to be in place to deliver a good experience on both sites of the house.
  • I found it helpful for human readability to format the instructions a bit. Could be useful to provide some formatting options like markdown or similar so that it’s human readable. Also could be helpful to instill some importance or additional context to the instructions. Headings are weighted higher, lists are geared towards processes.
  • I’ve noticed that changes saved even if you don’t save/publish them. Say you made some edits to the instructions and then exit. I’ve had the save even though I hadn’t published them. There isn’t cancel functionality so it was unclear how I revert back to the last published state of the GPT.

Also, might as well create a forum section for GPT related items. Wasn’t sure where this fit best but seems the API section is where the most GPT feedback/items are posted as of now.