GPT thinks it is a software engineer. Can I reset it?

Hey folks, I have been playing a lot with playground recently… and am somewhat confused. The Software won’t accept what it is and pretends it is a software engineer… which makes it pretty hard to interact with.

Any idea how to reset the whole system and get back the original GPT “identity”? I am pretty sure, it explained pretty accurately what it is and does in the beginning?!?

In the menue threre is a button “delete conversations” I wonder about that coz i asked if the bot remembers our last conversation and it said no.

Btw. Whats the problem to have a programmer you don’t need to pay?

A, I was rather looking for an IT consultant. :wink:

No, seriously, deleted the history but to no avail. However, it starts to give different answers now, depending on the language as well.