GPT suggesting fonts for webdesign

I want GPT to suggest font pairings (Header Font, Body Font) for web design.

Here is one example prompt I have used so far:
“Recommend me 3 pairings of heading font and body font used for designing a website for a male musician with the following style preferences: Modern, Classy, Elegant, Minimalist. Only write the font names.”

  • How good are general design suggestions from GPT?
  • What models are best for tasks like this?
  • How can I best reference the style of a certain existing website - so without using keywords?
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Hi @wolfgang1

Welcome to the community.

I haven’t come across this use case being documented anywhere. You’ll have to try and experiment with different models.

Given the context about your usecase, I’d recommend: code-davinci-002, text-davinci-003, ChatGPT and the davinci


Thanks @sps!
What do you mean with “OG davinci”?

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The oldest, first ever davinci model. davinci

Updated my post to remove ambiguity.