GPT-Store never rolled out to me and seemingly many others

I have never had access to the GPT store despite it currently being 2 weeks post-rollout. Others have commented on older threads from the day of the rollout as well as a few newer posts being made more recently, but they don’t provide much clarity on the issue we are experiencing. I wanted to make this thread complete with thorough background information and several tags included to be hopefully eye-catching to both the staff side of OpenAI as well as the frustrated user side of the fence.

First, let me detail the things I’ve tried already: Logging out and back in, clearing cache, trying to access the store page through an external link, and waiting for the issue to resolve itself. People with the same issue CAN see the “Explore” tab on the sidebar that should access the storefront, but instead of showing the store it shows the old custom GPT explore page. On that page we see the user’s personal GPTs along with the GPTs created by OpenAI. There isn’t any option to access a separate page to find custom GPTs on this “Explore” tab.

I am subscribed to Plus, and have been since the summer. I do have plugins enabled in my beta settings, chat history training enabled in data controls, and my name enabled on the builder profile settings tab. The few other togglable options in the settings are toggled off. Not sure if that would be relevant or not, but just covering all the bases.

The only step I haven’t taken yet is creating a help request for the issue because I assumed it would be fixed within 14 days of the rollout, but I will do that after this is posted. I apologize if this post would be better served just being submitted as a support ticket, but I wanted others experiencing the same frustrating issue to know that it isn’t their fault.

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I am experiencing the exact same problem. I posted a different thread on the forums here about my experience. Thank you for raising this issue so thoroughly.

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Thanks for commenting, I read your topic thread from 10d ago and the comment from that leader 1d ago at least makes me feel a bit more at ease that they know everyone still hasn’t gotten access. His comment from 6d ago said the 95% of users had received the rollout. At least they still haven’t said it was 100% rolled out; I feel like that makes it more likely the issue isn’t overlooked.

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Oh, we’re supposed to actually see that? I assumed they had just given up on that interface, because it’s never appeared for me. This might explain why none of my GPT’s show up in the GPT store web interface here.

Man this is really frustrating. I wonder how many of us there are, and if it’s by design or an oversight.

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