GPT Store limit for GPTs?

Has anyone else run into this? A limit on the amount of GPTs that can be shared on the GPT Store?

I have about 150 that I’ve shared on the store, and I’ve created quite a few more that are all accessible by a link, but I can’t seem to share any more on the store.

On the window where my options are “Only me”, “Anyone with the link”, or “GPT Store” - I select GPT Store, and press save, making the wheel turn for a second, then the button just goes back to “save” again.

This is what I’ve tried:

  • Different GPT’s
  • Duplicating GPTs
  • Creating new GPTs
  • I’ve even tried moving some of the GPTs off the GPT store, assuming that I could share a different GPT on the store (in case there was a limit) but it still didn’t let me. It’s like I’ve been flagged from sharing another GPT on the store. Hope that’s not the case.

Any advice or help would be great. Thanks.

If you have about 150 shares, you could have been blocked to try to avert spammers or people who steal other people’s instructions and use them in their own GPT.

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Thanks for the reply! Each GPT so far has it’s own prompt that I made… so not sure it would be a spam thing :confused:

Yes, it could have your own prompt, but I was saying ti could have auto-blocked you due to how many you have, to stop people who steal prompts etc.

Oh, I see. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: Thank you for the help

I know there are limits to the number of GPTs a user is allowed to publish, though I didn’t know exactly what that number is.

Apparently, it’s now around 150.

I remember Logan saying this was something they implemented shortly after the launch of the GPT Store as there were a few accounts with more than 5,000 GPTs in the store at launch.

My hot take on it is that it’s really not very likely any one user can effectively create and maintain more than a handful of custom GPTs that do anything remotely useful or interesting.


Thanks. I appreciate the feedback!

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