GPT Store - Illogical Regressions - OpaqueAI

I’m not one to bash OpenAI for the lacklustre deployment of the GPT Store.

They have a lot on their plate. So it’s understandable.

However, as someone who also has a GPT which is currently top 2 in search and top 300 globally, I simply cannot understand their decision-making.

  1. First, a few days ago, they completely destroyed the search functionality within the store.

    Where previously I was getting relevant results for whichever keyword I decide to enter, now I’m getting absolute garbage - GPTs with 0 users, GPTs with gibberish names often even containing the word “Test” in their name.

  2. And now, as of a few hours ago, OpenAI reverted the “Chats” count to their old 1K+, 5K+, 10K+, etc. model.

    Why are we regressing?

    The search function was working quite well when the GPT store launched. Sure, it wasn’t perfect, but it was WAY better than what we have now.

    And once OpenAI changed the ‘Chats’ count to be much more transparent, it allowed GPT builders to have better insights into the total amount of chats their GPTs had.


Now we’re back to square one, with this opaque 1K+, 5K+, 10K+, etc. model. And an even worse search function.

It makes no sense to regress in this way.

I’m not asking for new features. I’m simply asking to not remove existing features and to not regress into chaos and opaqueness.