GPT Store Google Oauth login (user info with token)

Hi, I’m in the process of integrating Google OAuth authentication into my store and have successfully made it functional. However, I’m encountering an issue with associating the user’s information with the generated token.

Here’s the flow as I understand it:

  1. When a user poses a question, a ‘sign in’ button is displayed within the conversation.


Clicking on this button triggers a call to the ‘Authorization URL’. This step navigates the user through the Google OAuth login process, during which I am able to retrieve the user’s information.

Following a successful login, the ‘Token URL’ is called to generate a token. The challenge arises here, as there doesn’t seem to be a straightforward method to link the user’s information with the generated token, such as using a conversation ID or the code received from the Google OAuth process.


Is there any other way to link user information with the generated token?

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