GPT store appears to be frozen

Hi colleagues,

At the current moment, the GPT store appears to be frozen; there are no news, announcements, or improvements.

We need 3 things to make it work:

  1. Pay money for each developer who contributes useful GPTs (no matter the country).

  2. Provide a UI for GPTs. Definitely, we need a UI, a simple UI sandbox for each GPT which will make them easy to change and use, like JSFiddle or Replit.

  3. Grant public access to everyone for GPTs and provide a special GPT subscription. For example, we have GPTs that identify birds by picture, which only biologists need, and only this GPT; they don’t need ChatGPT but they need a GPT that identifies birds. Let it be a cheaper GPT subscription which will earn money for OpenAI and the GPT developer.

Currently, GPTs are available only inside the system, and there is not much sense for users who have all ChatGPT features to pay additionally for GPTs, because they can create their own GPTs.

But for other users, if they have access to good GPTs which are useful and cheap, they will use it and pay money for it. Advertisement for such GPTs will be increased, and this will increase ChatGPT’s popularity.

Please pay attention to this, because it can provide a significant boost for earning money for OpenAI and open-source developers. We might even reach 7 trillion in earnings.

The total amount of wages and salaries in the United States for the year 2022 was approximately $10.497 trillion, as reported by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis​. And we talking about whole world wages and salaries.

Best Regards,