GPT remembering what we're working on

Excuse my topic title, but what I’m trying to find out is, is there a way that you can have your own personal account or file or whatever you want to call it with GPT so that it can remember what you’re working on as you move along with the project. I’ve actually been having an amazing time utilizing it to write a fiction novel, but every time there’s a glitch with the server or what have you it draws a blank and I have to start over from scratch. Isn’t there a way to have it remember what we’re working on so that I can continue with the project without having to restart every time I get a moment to work. I’m a disabled individual with health issues and this is been a great outlet for me to express myself creativity. I would so love to be able to pick up wherever I left off with my project without having to start over. I have found clever ways of just re-injecting text from the work and the program seems to pick up where we left off. It almost seems as if it remembers what we were working on. And I think that would be a great asset, hopefully I’m being clear about what I’m requesting. I want to thank open AI for allowing me the opportunity to work with this technology it’s freaking amazing!

Found the feature I was requesting alive and well on my interface today, thank you Open AI! Very happy camper!!!


Glad you are enjoying it!

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Yes it has alleviated a great deal of frustration I was facing so thank you so kindly!

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hey, how did you figure this out? I’m trying to create a chat application through api where it can remember the message before, thanks.

It is an automatic feature now.