GPT published and visible, but when accessed from another account provides an error message

I have a personal account and a shared workspace. I have GPT published from in the shared workspace. When I check it is working from my personal account it shows up in the search function (although it has the name of the author as community builder which is not correct), but when I click through it attempts to load and gives an error message “GPT inaccessible or not found”. The account is verified and I have the correct name highlighted in the settings. Not sure if this is relevant - but I have the same GPT published in my personal account and the author is therefore the same name. I want to make sure its published in the shared workspace before I delete the personal account one - so I am wondering if that is the potential cause in some way.

wrong name in search

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Do you have a valid Builder Profile set-up in settings?

valid builder

Yes I believe so - I’m fairly certain I’ve done everything the same as my personal account which is fine.