GPT "profile image" is too big in replies?

Hi, i have been using a GPT for helping to change MAME emulation code specifically for the Hard Drivin’ and Race Drivin’ series of games but since yesterday or the day before the little image that was setup for the GPT which i guess is like it’s profile picture is really huge when it replies back to me so all the text is squashed up to the right hand side in a very narrow column and makes it much harder to read the code it’s generating.

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I’ve had this problem as well since this morning (16/05/24). Have you found a solution?

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I’ve not been able to figure out how to change it. I was wondering if maybe it is the original image size not being scaled down and wondered if i downloaded it and then made a smaller scaled version and uploaded that would it maybe fix it for now until OpenAI sorts it out?

I tried uploading a 10 X 10 pixel image and it still becomes too big

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Yeah it’s still huge for me too i hope it gets fixed soon.

Same here, so it does not seem to have been fixed yet. Why it is taking so long…


It’s putting me off using it tbh I’ve given up on it.

having the same issue, what an incredibly silly thing.