GPT Plus sbscription is gone

Any updates on this issue? I am still experiencing this issue.

In subscription manage, the current order plan has disappeared, and this month’s payment has not been initiated. What is the situation now?

I experienced the same issue starting today. If there was an issue with my card why would it wipe out the billing history etc?

Exactly same problem today, my subscription suddenly disappeared, including all invoice data.

I have the same issue. No info in my previous billing but Ive been paying for 2 months

Same (or similar) issue.

Subscribed, was charged $20.
Seem to have a refund of $20.
No longer have a subscription, any billing history at all, or any personal details on the account.

THis is a bit of an issue when I want to pay for it via my company, as invoices are kind of a necessity for the tax office.

I mailed support over a week back about the refund, but only just noticed it’s all been cancelled. No response from support at all.

I think the solution may be not to have a subscription here. Outgoing money on the company card without corresponding invoices and no way of contacting support is not a viable way forwards …

Same here! I used it for a few weeks fine, then today my subscription and everything has vanished! This is really frustrating, do we sign up again? and there seems to be very little support from OpenAI

That’s actually what I just did, re-subsribed - but this is not a sustainable way forward. Especially that for business purposes we still need access to our invoices.

No way I’m signing up again - who knows what they will decide to bill and whether or not I’ll get anything for it!!

What’s happening!! Same here! And no information from previous invoice !! Anyone solved this issue?! Anyone received an email from support team?!
If I renew the account who guarantees it will not happening again?!!

I am having the same issue. Did you get help?

Hi there! Same problem also I’ve been banned
WTF it’s happening with chatGPT?:disappointed:

It is already September, and I am still having this problem. I cannot see my payment history while my credit card gets charged every single month.

Same. $20 dollars just taken from my account. Was using it fine up until lunch time. Now Plus has disappeared and regular Chat GPT isn’t working for me as it’s too in demand. What’s happening?

Same problem here, they have lost my subscription even though I’m paid up through May 2024

My subscription has disappeared today as well online, but still available in ios app.

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Multiple users are reporting similar problems related to their ChatGPT Plus subscription on the forum.

cociu.petru9 found that his subscription is missing even though he had paid for it. ortalJeb, 328256098 and echoed this problem, with the same disappearing of their subscriptions. next.einherjar detailed a similar experience, fearing they were stuck on the free plan despite making multiple attempts to register their credit card.

Additional users, such as ddkaestner, myai and Yang, came forward with the same issue. Furthermore, ImAgasti mentioned that they only bought the subscription three days ago and it’s already missing, while kmon noted numerous ongoing issues that are not being acknowledged on the status page.

indulakshmy suffered from the same problem, and expressed frustration with the absence of meaningful assistance from OpenAI’s Help services. She also queried if there was an email route to address this issue with the OpenAI support.

Summarized with AI on Dec 2 2023
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