GPT Plus not working after payment

I paid for PLUS last night and this morning i can’t access it? can someone help? i have the transaction too


+1 Having the same problem. Billed normally but the app thinks I’m on free tier.

+1 with the same problem, what is the link for gpt plus I can’t find it, it redirects me to the free version.

Has anyone had a fix for this situation ? This is quite annoying to say the least.

I have the same problem, payed 4 days ago and sent a few messages through the support chat. Nothing happens.

Hey folks! If you have paid but cannot access your subscription, please read this help article with details on what to do: Why is my Plus subscription not appearing? | OpenAI Help Center

I am going to close this thread for now, the support team will be able to assist further. Sorry for the delay on this as the team worked out what was going on behind the scenes! :heart: