GPT knowledgebase filenames

Having the filenames truncated is not helpful. I have several files that are identical up to the point of truncation, so I can’t know which one is which. Also I’m not sure how it’s sorted, not alphabetically, so maybe upload sequence? Would be nice to see a timestamp of upload for each file. I guess the limit is 18 files? There should be some info what happens when uploading more than 18.

Why not simply rename the files, removing the redundant bits?

That’s an ugly workaround. Instead of letting all users patching something on the client side, it’s better to fix it once for everyone on the server side. It’s not hard to show long filenames on the web, there’s 35 years of experience with that.

Please ignore my previous advice. You’ve convinced me it is much better for you to wait for OpenAI to address the issue.