GPT is no longer giving me specific output--output it was giving me three weeks ago

TL;DR Chat will no longer give me specific results it was giving me three weeks ago. Any idea why or how to resolve?

Hi all. About three weeks ago I used the OpenAI playground (mode: chat) and asked chat to tell me the a particular rate offered by a specific bank over the past year. It was able to give me a precise number (down to three decimal places), and specifically mentioned it used the financial site to obtain the results.

I’m now trying to reproduce those results, but cannot. Every time I try, the output contains some variation of:

I don’t have real-time data or the ability to browse the internet. I recommend contacting Bangkok Bank directly or visiting their official website.

I unfortunately cannot remember the exactly prompt I used three weeks ago. But in this case, my prompt is:

During the calendar year 2022, what was the highest currency conversion rate offered by Bangkok Bank when converting Thai Baht to US Dollars?

The API/Playground never had (and still doesn’t have) the ability to browse the internet, but it is now better at telling you that it can’t do it. Previously it made things up.

Ah OK, very good to know. Thanks very much for that.