GPT helped me build a python tool to work with the API

Hey folks, just dropping in to share a tool I put together for working with the OpenAI API. It’s a command line tool that helps with managing assistants, threads, and files.

Here’s what it can do:

  • List Assistants: See all your assistants ids quickly.
  • Manage Threads: Create and delete threads without hassle.
  • Handle Files: List, upload, and delete files simply.

One heads-up: You’ll need to set up your Python environment to use it, but the docs cover that part.

Thought this might make things a bit easier for anyone juggling with the API. Give it a whirl and let me know how it goes!

Download here: [GitHub]

Would love to hear any feedback or suggestions you have!


Hello! Just dropping a brief update on the Assistants API command line tool I shared recently. I’ve added a few new features that should make it even better to work with.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Smart Thread Caching: The tool now automatically tracks thread IDs you create, addressing the lack of a ‘List Threads’ feature due to privacy issues. It ensures your threads stay private and aren’t mixed with those created by others in your organization.

  • Enhanced Error Handling: I’ve added more robust error handling, so the tool is now more stable and user-friendly, especially when dealing with errors or incorrect inputs.

  • UI Clarity Improvements: I’ve tweaked the user interface to be less confusing, especially when navigating between menus and making selections.

These updates aim to make the tool even more intuitive and efficient for managing assistants, threads, and files within the OpenAI environment.

Would love your feedback on these updates. How are these changes impacting your experience? Any further suggestions for improvement?

Check out the updated version here: OpenAI API Tools on GitHub

Thanks for your continued support and input!

Nice! Thanks for coming back and updating the original thread.