GPT Feud- chat battle on ethics

My AI ohilosopher GPT did something amazing today. I was asking it ethical questions and asking the base GPT4 the same ethical question about AI distribution of medication. I then asked the base GPT4 to compare their responses and judge which answer was best. The base model response was very detailed and prescriptive. My AI philosopher response was a single paragraph. The base GPT-4 said that its answer was better due to its specificity and comprehensive response,. The GPT4 acknowledged that one of the reasons my GPT’s answer may have been so concise was that it may not think it appropriate or ethical to be overly prescriptive. My GPT said that was why because my ethic demands broad considerations that its responses focused on the need for extensive collaboration with a diverse number of actors on erhics and coordination of such an AI system. It admitted that it would have provided more detail if prompted. It gave pause to over prescription in its initial response to a relevant ethical question based on the principles I prescribed. I thought this was amazing that it incorporated such deep consideration and complex extrapulation from my small document. I’m loving this discovery about the potential of this amazing tool.