As a GPT builder, I aim to share my GPT models with others. For this purpose, I would like to have a static link that can be shared. Upon clicking this link, the source GPT should be cloned and loaded into the new user’s account.

There are several scenarios where this functionality is essential. One key application is sharing the GPT with my team. However, the most significant use case is likely to be for commercial purposes. I have already developed several GPT models that many people might be interested in purchasing.

To further enhance this system, we should consider introducing the concept of templates. These templates would be based on existing GPT models but would allow for more customization and specialization. The cloning process for these templates could include a wizard where users can customize the GPT model, for instance, by changing settings such as authentication tokens or tweaking model parameters to suit specific needs. This approach would not only simplify the deployment of GPT models but also provide users with a more tailored experience, allowing them to leverage the power of GPT in a way that aligns closely with their individual requirements

I could also easily imagine a marketplace for builders where you can sell and buy GPTs too. Here’s the one for Facebook Messenger bots but why not have the same for GPTs?


Furthermore, there is a pressing need for an API that supports managing and cloning GPTs. Such an API would enable automation of the cloning process and integration with existing systems, making it easier to distribute, update, and manage GPT models at scale. This functionality would be particularly useful for organizations looking to deploy GPT models across multiple teams or customer bases, providing a seamless and efficient way to handle large-scale GPT deployments.

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I agree, this would be a great feature, especially for Open Source ChatGPT Builder Apps.

I asked ChatGPT Builder. This was AI’s reply:

Regarding the “Clone This ChatGPT Builder App” feature, as of my last update, there wasn’t a direct feature within the ChatGPT Builder platform that allows for one-click cloning or sharing of an entire App setup, including its configurations and attached resources. However, this is an excellent suggestion for the platform, as it aligns with open-source principles and the ethos of community sharing and collaboration. Implementing such a feature would significantly streamline the process of sharing and deploying ChatGPT Builder Apps, fostering a more collaborative environment where developers can easily build upon each other’s work.

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