GPT fails to read a spreadheet or a CSV but reading from an image works fine

I tried to create a GPT for reading spreadsheet or CSV file, but I keep encountering the error message: “It appears there was an issue with the file upload. Could you please attempt to upload the CSV file once more? Once the upload is successful, I will proceed with data analysis.” I’m also experiencing the same error when trying to upload an Excel file.
Interestingly, when I upload a screenshot of the spreadsheet, the data is successfully read.

I’ve spent some amount of time optimizing the instructions, but so far, I haven’t had any luck. Do you have any suggestions or ideas to resolve this issue?

Thank you

My mistake—I realized that GPTs can read files only when you enable the ‘Code Interpreter’ feature in the ‘Configure > Capabilities’ screen. My GPT is now able to read spreadsheets. I am still in learning mode, so I apologize for the previous post.