GPT can not into weekdays?

Interesting problem. I have some data, usually CSV, and it contains date in each row. The problem is - GPT never can tell the right week day. I.e. it will say “Tuesday, January 15th of 2024”. And if I’ll ask it why it called that day “Tuesday”, it will apologize and regenerate it as “Monday”. But that doesn’t help, obviously, as API needs that information to be correct from the first attempt. (Clarification: the problem is in both API and ChatGPT website, it’s in engine, so while you can detect the problem on website and clarify, you can’t do the same with API).

I tried to ask it to ensure that whenever it mentions weekday then it should check that the name of the week day is correct, but that doesn’t help. I wonder if someone else had the same problem and how did you make it work?

Assuming that the weekday (Monday to Sunday) is not stored in the csv and we are talking about a retrieval issue then the root cause is that (Chat)GPT is trying to guess the day of the week.
It will only do the necessary calculations to get the correct weekday unless you create and implement a function or script that will help GPT to do the job.

So, you can ask it to “make sure” or whatever but it cannot do this by itself. It will do what a language model does and produce a reasonable sounding answer that sounds good but doesn’t have to be connected to reality in any way.

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Oh, brilliant, then solution is to modify the CSV to include that data. I assumed that GPT should either be able to calculate some basic things, or at least have knowledge of the calendar. After all, when you are asking GPT about the week day of a particular date, it answers correctly. If you’ll ask “What is the week day of January 15th of 2024?”, the answer will be correct.

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Glad this helps!

I just tested it with your example and the answer was not correct. It’s probably good advice to increase the sample size for your tests.