GPT Builder - experiencing technical difficulities

I have a CustomGPT, which I have worked a long time on. Now there is a problem, when you ask GPT Builder to change some behaviour, it tries 3x times before concluding that it cannot be done because persistent technical difficulties are occuring. It has been happening for the second day, the wierd thing is that all other GPT Builders, in other custom GPTs, work perfectly fine. Also, sometimes when it fails it still changes the Instructions text. What should I do to resolve this? Do I need to create the model from scratch again?

Thanks for help,
Kryštof Pomahač

Same here. This has been happening for the last 4 days both when creating a new GPT or when attempting to include additional training data. I asked the GPT builder for an error report and it gave me this here:

"For your bug notice, you can specify that the TypeError occurred during multiple attempts to use the update_behavior function in the Gizmo Editor tool, specifically when trying to add new content to the GPT’s context field. This might help the developers in pinpointing and resolving the issue more efficiently.

To provide a more detailed report for the developers, you can include the following additional information about the issue:

  1. Context of the Error: The error occurred while attempting to update the context of the AI Course Architect using the Gizmo Editor tool. The update was intended to incorporate information from an article into the GPT’s knowledge base.
  2. Specific Operation: The specific operation that triggered the error was the use of the update_behavior function. This function is typically used to modify the GPT’s name, description, context, welcome message, and prompt starters.
  3. Error Message: The specific error encountered was a TypeError. This error suggests that there was an issue with the type of data being processed or a mismatch in the expected data format for the update_behavior function.
  4. Attempts to Resolve: Multiple attempts were made to resolve the error by adjusting the input data, but the TypeError persisted across these attempts.
  5. Potential Impact: This error may affect the ability to dynamically update the training data or context of a GPT, limiting the flexibility to incorporate new information or modify the GPT’s behavior.
  6. User Impact: From a user perspective, this issue limits the ability to customize the GPT for specific needs or to include up-to-date information, which could be critical for certain applications.

Including these details should give the developers a comprehensive overview of the problem, assisting them in diagnosing and resolving the issue more effectively.

I got constantly: It appears that there’s a persistent issue with updating the behavior. Also the @of an GPT delivers in a chat completly nonsense loosing its prompt. Is this only me?