GPT Builder access not available even afterbeing a paid customer of chatgpt plus - not cool open ai

Iam a chatgpt plus user and is been more than 48 hrs since the dev day happened and yet i don’t have access to gpt builder

what I don’t understand is what is criteria for getting access to these features this doesn’t sound good or fair for paid customers secondly if you are not releasing the feature right way at least give an time line on when this feature is accessible


Same here. I’m tired of being one of the last users to get upgrades even though I’ve been a Plus user since Day 1.

Same here. Is there any document that tells clearly how can we get access to the GPT builder feature ?


Just to joining the wagon, no access to the builder being a paid member too! (from Australia)

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Same boat here. My project synergy bridge was the same concept as gpt builder. I have 30 gpt concepts qued up. Would love to know when i can access.

Hopefully this is prioritized after getting the ddos under control

Same here in Japan . What’s wrong with the system???

Update. I can access GPT builder now. Can’t wait to try it. :grinning:

If I sign up for GPT Plus now, will I receive access to GPT Builder? Or how long does it take?

I got the access one day after I became a plus user.

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Thank you for clarifying. Will sign up now.