GPT Auth - Open-source Auth builder for Custom GPT

I have built an open-source project to let anyone add auth to their project and self-host it

Major advantages of setting up auth

  1. Protect your api usage
  2. Maintain user list of your Custom GPT api
  3. Keep usage limits for your api based on user

Here is the link to the project GitHub - Anil-matcha/GPT-Auth: GPT Auth provides a user-friendly solution to quickly setup auth for your custom GPT and self-host it.

Happy to work on any of your feedback


How do I test the project ? Any demo available for checking ?

A demo is now available in the README of the repo. Do check

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Now added support for Google login via Oauth2 for GPT auth

Interesting. Is there any cloud hosted version for this rather than self-hosted ?

Produza um resumo fictício de um artigo científico acréscido três palavras chaves?

Sorry don’t understand your comment in reference to the project

GPT Auth now supports exporting user data via email, thus you can build an audience from your GPT

Hosted version of GPT Auth will be released in the next update

Email authentication now added in GPT Auth. Now you can enable 2FA for authentication with your users

Stats now added for GPT Auth. Now you can get analytics of usage per user for your GPT

Hey @matcha72 - could you please tell in brief how does the OAuth flow look like? What do we do with the callback_url that we get in the request to Authorization URL? Thanks!