GPT Actions Suddenly Not Working

Is anyone else having trouble reaching endpoints today?

I am writing a GPTs and it was able to reach the endpoint earlier today and can no longer do so.

Here is the debug response:

[debug] Calling HTTP endpoint
“domain”: “removed for privacy”,
“method”: “get”,
“path”: “/run-script”,
“operation”: “runScript”,
“operation_hash”: “fd6c7869118af12e845eaa71494bfb5b8dedc92d”,
“is_consequential”: false,
“params”: {}
[debug] Response received

however, this was working fine earlier today.

also, i am able to hit the server by running:

import requests

def test_instructions(url):
response = requests.get(url)
return response.json() # Assuming the response is JSON-formatted
except requests.HTTPError as http_err:
print(f"HTTP error occurred: {http_err}")
except Exception as err:
print(f"An error occurred: {err}")

# Replace with your endpoint URL
url = "https://[myserver]/test_instructions"
instructions = test_instructions(url)

without issue. finally, i had someone else try to reach my endpoint and they were able to do so at first, but then it started failing for them as well.

It’s just as suddenly working now. Nothing changed, but it’s good to have it back!