GPT Actions Auth redirect URL not working

Hi, I am trying to crate an action to use in my custom GPT inside chatGPT. When the user of the GPT tries to authenticate, the auth redirect URL (/aip/g-_____________________/oauth/callback) redirects to /?model=gpt-4-plugins and the authentication is never complete.

PS: using instead of the actual url since it’s preventing me from posting the actual url

Would appreciate help


I have a related issue: is it possible to use OAuth without using the authorization url? In my case, the API I’m using supports service-level OAuth, so you just need to submit the client ID + secret to obtain an service-level access token, which does not require user auth.

Same issue. There is zero documentation on any of this. Surely someone has figured out what the redirect URIs should be?

Perhaps issue is this 500 error I see in console and hopefully fixed soon:

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Same issue still here…
I`m trying to use the YouTube Data API v3 with oAuth.

I managed to get the login button

and all goes well until this point

the redirect goes to this page

The Status code of the callback is 200 for me. So that seems not to be the problem but its not opening the existing chat.

Tested this on mobile and it worked. But i can`t get it to work in chrome on my desktop pc.

If you ended up here it’s very likely because you didn’t realize that the Callback URL gets update at the moment you save the GPT. Keep an eye on it in the bottom left of the screen right below your custom actions. As soon as the GPT saves you get a new Callback URL that you need to go add to your Allowed callback URLs in your auth provider.
I think this is the detail that left me circling in a debugging session from hell.