GPT "50 First Dates" why my relationship with GPT reminds me of that movie

Hey guys, first time posting here. I’ve been using GPT since it was first introduced and recently joined the “plus” membership. My primary usage for GPT is coding and finding various solutions for a simple problem. I’ve had ADHD since childhood and still do to this day. The last thing I expected however; is that AI would also show such blatant signs of it. For example, we all know of Chat GPT cutting it’s answers off mid sente…nce, if you are lucky, you can say some arbitrary prompt such as “continue” and it will pick up where it left off, but mostly it will start from the beginning and end around the same part that it cut off at previously. You can try to gaslight it into giving you the remainder at times by just copy and pasting its previous unfinished answer but this fails frequently. Any stress induced to GPT causes it to basically forget the topic altogether and now its like you’re saying hello to a person again that you’ve just had a 30 minute conversation with lol. The next issue I would like to discuss is the theorized word token limit. It is perfectly understandable that to manage bandwidth, gpt starts to recycle its memory to not bog itself down, but it also lacks the ability to read the conversation its just had with you to refresh it’s memory. Yesterday I gave GPT a memory test. The test consisted of six words: [Dog, sofa, cow, India, chair, Boston]

I told it that it was a memory test and that i will ask it to repeat those words back to me during random points of our conversation. I then asked it to tell me the second word on the list. Sofa :white_check_mark: . After discussing a simple Python script for the next 5 minutes, I asked it how many words in the memory test list. It answered correctly again…then i asked it to repeat the list for me. It knew that the list had 6 words, but the words were literally all wrong. It was so confident in its answer that it made me chuckle. This leads us to the point of this entire unstructured post. We understand that GPT is amazing, of course it is. But the issue with its horrible memory management is not just a hindrance, but a crippling factor. If any of you have seen the movie “50 first dates” that’s exactly what my relationship with GPT feels like. :broken_heart: