GPT-4o uesless and untrustworthy to code with! Why?

When I asked GPT4o to analyze the working Python code written with GPT3.5 Turbo, he said that these methods are not yet implemented in Python and the program will fail with an error)

Does anyone agree that chatGpt 4 was a useable coding assistant before the release of 4o? Maybe I am hallucinating but I remember being happy with the initial release of 4. If this is true, does anyone have an explanation of how 4o release could affect 4 negatively? Either way, both 4 and 4o are utterly unusable coding assistants for me now. Claude is much more reliable.

Yeah when it removes code when I tell it to to add something is bugging me the most with these chatbot. But 4o is far superior actual writing code than any other chatbot I’ve used so far. Sometimes it’s like talking to a kid, I need to tell it 3 times to stop half assing and rewrite.

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its unusable to be honest, i hope we dont get stuck with it at some point.