GPT-4o: OpenAI spring product announcements 2024

3x faster, nize!

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How to use gpt-4o ??

where to download it on android?

**How to use it on my PLUS account??? **

In the Play store like anything else?

There’s still multiple features that aren’t accessible to people from the EU


I’m excited for the Desktop app. I won’der if we’ll be allowed to tweak or hack the interface at all. I’d love to have a floating character head in the bottom corner of my screen watch what I’m looking at, and look at them together. I have an eye-tracker, it’d be neat to feed in a low-fps livestream with a circle around what i’m currently staring at. So it could follow along as I read an article, maybe.

very impressive, i’m waiting for the desktop app too!


It was a great day, really happy with that! Specially the speed improvements much needed.

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not an issue. i have vpn.

Works in EU too, I am curious about Desktop App if is flexible.
I am on Android and I have Dark Theme.

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