Gpt-4 works but gpt-4-32k does not

I had this problem months ago - gpt-4-32k is listed in the documentation but doesn’t actually work / exist in the API so I went back to plain gpt-4 even though I really need the longer prompts. I saw that the model and its snapshot version are both still in the documentation, so I tried it again and once again the API says:

“The model gpt-4-32k does not exist or you do not have access to it.”

What’s this about? How can I get access?

OK, I see other posts with this question… but sure after all this time… it must be available if you’re listing it in the docs still with no “beta” or “limited access” notes?

I have hundreds in total spend developing an app that will potentially be hundreds to thousands of $ / month. Can you please give me access?