GPT-4 unusable do to continuous Verify that you are human captchas requests

I have a PLUS plan and previously have always been able to converse with both 3.5 or 4. Currently EVERY GPT-4 inquiry requires the captchas. This is more than just annoying it’s almost unusable. Once at login would be fine but for every single interaction is just simply not worth it. 3.5 is fine but I’m paying for 4 and would like to be able to use it. There is no help on how to fix this problem.


I confirm, I have very same problem. PLUS plan,
Captcha appears every time I write a message, it is annoing. Completely unusable, and terrible user experience.
It was happening few days ago, and few days it was ok, but today it appears again.
I tried to find tech support, but it seems that there is no such thing anymore, or it is burried so deep on the webside so no one can find it :frowning:


I’m also PLUS user facing that issue. they implemented that stupid game they have article about that: “8184038-how-openai-uses-captchas-to-verify-humanity-in-chatgpt” (links not allowed)
How to overcome this issue?
That is some microsoft stupid captcha youtube watch ? v= S7J5gam30a4 May be there is already solution how to block it?
The minimum helpful thing would be to make that post-animation shorter.
OpenAI team - please use not so annoying captcha - Cloudflare was very gentle.

Also - how to vote for this bug? so that it’s visible to OpenAI team?

UP: I decided to use Playground for now:
Actually it could be even more helpful as you can edit answers.
Note that this API access need to be payed separately. Not depend on Plus subscription.


GPT-4 is unusable for me due to this.


I had the same problem, but it resolved late last week around 8PM cst, and I haven’t seen a puzzle since.

Same problem here how can I bypass this problem?

Nobody has identified why this behavior starts for particular accounts or connections, so it is hard to know the solution, only things to try.

First, I’d try a different browser, even a different computer, a different method of connecting to the internet. See if it is a setting that is specific to your account.

Why does it think you are a robot? Could it be if you use Linux, block their browser tracking or other connections with privacy settings or ad blockers, or other possibilities?

If the puzzles are following you around everywhere, you’d have to contact via the and complain about the nags making your account unusable.

I have GPT 4, so plus user, and it annoys me with this verification. Stop doing this openai, it sucks

Same here with a plus account. @openai at least rate limit this verification requests its absolutely annoying

Same exact problem. Changed all four browsers: firefox, safari, chrome, edge and still persists. Switched off all extensions including adblock. Not using VPN.

Asked OAI help; didn’t resolve! Completely unusable on my MacBook. Though it works perfectly on my iPhone.

Started for me today on the browser. I downloaded the app, signed in and it works, still can’t use it on the browser, but at least i have the app

Same problem with plan plus, I tough that because of the vpn, but nope. Literally at every question a captcha 3/3 or sometimes 5/5 almost unusable.