GPT-4 is getting worse and worse every single update

I don’t know what on Earth is wrong with GPT 4 lately. It feels like I’m talking to early 3.5! It’s incapable of following basic instructions and forgets the format it’s working on after just a few posts. It’s supremely frustrating! My custom GPTs feel like they’ve all had lobotomies.

I’ve been a GPT user since 2.0 back in the old AI Dungeon days and I literally got better posts out of their Griffen model sometimes. What is going on right now? What is the point of “better performance” if the model is not capable of fulfilling user needs and therefore you need to generate 4-5x more prompts to actually get the end result you want?

This is not something I know, but I suspect that the inferior output is because of steps taken to minimize processing power usage. I can only hope they realize how drastically they seem to have hindered the model and take steps to improve it once more.