GPT-4 is getting worse and worse every single update

I did the same… cancelled my subscriptions. My wife 44 and mum 74 have said it has lost and it now better to not use it. We also tried Chatgpt Teams the upgraded from Pro but to no avail, extra 10 bucks per user plus a force second subscription at $60 usd per month. Team is the same product when comes chating coding and so on, you just pay more pre month… its memory is bad, it tells you search the net, bing search still sucks, why would teams use this product over a ChatGPT Pre Nov 2023. ChatGPT 4 turbo my ass it is alot worse. Tubo for me wad good for 1week. I recommended Chatgpt and now I having to let everyone know it is almost no better then Bard or Microsoft Chat in Office365. O365 seems to have the old model which start off like Chatgpt before, but limit memory. I feel like I lost a work companion.