GPT-4 does not exist, and not billed for June yet

Hi, I still don’t see the model in the model list, as I have read in another similar post, it is being rolled out this week for customers who already paid a bill this month.

I used the API for approx 20$ in June but I have not been billed yet, does that mean that I will not get access to the model before the end of the month?

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The wording of the announcement says that if you have paid at least 1 API bill then you will get access over the next few days, if not then it will be by the end of the month. I take it by the use of the word “paid” and not “will soon pay” that it is referring to payments made prior to the announcement.


@Foxabilo is correct! However, you should be all set on this now @jjmm.

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Hi Patrick,

I have billing setup and have been using the API but the usage never went beyond 1 USD, still haven’t got access to GPT-4, bit frustrated actually. Can you please help (org name: selflearning). We want to switch to using the API fully (gpt-4) instead of ChatGPT.

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Hi @logankilpatrick
I have a successful paid 1.08$ for June but have not access to gpt-4 api yet.
Would you please check my account?
I appreciate it.