GPT-4 didn't respond my questions more than 2 days

I am ChatGPT Plus member, but sience the day before yesterday, GPT-4 never respond to any kind of question, I still can use GPT-3.5. Could anyone tell me how to do? Thanks


Exactly the same issue here. I hope we get reimbursed.

I posted bug via help center, but I didn’t receive any reply

Same issue. Can’t reach help centre either. :slightly_frowning_face:

Are you maybe from Italy? ChatGPT plus has been suspended there

I heard about that, but I live in Canada, don’t know why

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And I’m from the UK so it shouldn’t be a problem here.

It works again for me as of this morning.

I solved this problem by adding VPN to google chrome and from this moment the Chat GPT4 worked normally