Gpt-4-32k-0314 Model Name Displayed on the Playground Screen

It’s not about the quality, price, or availability of gpt-4-32k.

However, has anyone seen gpt-4-32k-0314 appear on the Playground screen?

In my case, gpt-4-32k-0314, which I had never seen before, suddenly started appearing in the list of models on the Playground screen.


I have not participated in any evals.

For me, the model available on Microsoft Azure OpenAI is gpt-4-32k-0613, and I cannot use 0314.

As the screenshot shows, it displays “Engine not found,” and it seems that actual completions cannot be performed.

I’m speculating that this might somehow be related to the ChatGPT Team Plan now offering 32K context, but I’m curious about how it is in other people’s environments.

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Interesting find!

Sometimes weird models show up because someone at OpenAI clicked an incorrect box somewhere—I found some dev’s internal model there a while back and reported it here also.

I don’t have 0314,

Just mainline and 0613.

The teaming masses clamoring about model degradation will be very jealous of you right now!

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Indeed, being envied for a model I can’t actually use is quite amusing :sweat_smile:.

It seems that no matter how much the times change, finding the right approach still requires personal study and effort!

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Interesting I do have it and it works so far as I can tell.


It worked when I tried it today!
I’m not sure what to use it for though :sweat_smile:

Yes, we suddenly have this in our account now as well. Although this would have been fantastic six months ago, given the current options, it’s far too expensive to use for anything. Still, I appreciate having the option (finally). I will say I find it strange that it is the 0314 model checkpoint specifically and only that.

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