GPT-3 unable to answer

I have a below passage.

"There’s nothing wrong with being in love with tech; we’ve all been there. But there is a problem with using your love of a piece of technology as the basis for a business. That’s the approach that leads not to inevitable failure, but failure at a pretty high rate, for sure."

Question asked to GPT-3 . (Davinici model)

"Is technology sufficient basis to start a venture?"

Why is GPT-3 unable to answer this question?

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Hi @suji248 , you might be using low temp. This is what I get

Q: Is technology a sufficient basis to start a venture? Explain why in 200 words.
A: Technology is not a sufficient basis to start a venture because not all ideas require technology. Some ventures involve no technology at all. For example, if someone wanted to create a pizzeria, they would not need technology in order to do that.

I am using this settings
Engine: davinci
Response length: 100
Top P:1

Hope it helps :slight_smile: