GPT 3,5 Turbo Has Lower Intelligence and Understanding Since 2 Days

Until last two days, I have had ability to get consistent answers through the same prompt engineering, same token count. I made around 5000-10000 calls to be able to call it that way. Literally with two eyes and analyzed numbers, it is very noticeable that last two days it’s lowered in intelligence. I’m wondering is it due to new update with fine tuning and open ai team included chat 3,5 (perhaps turbo too) in there? Even the response time is lower.


I’m indeed experiencing the same noticeable downgrade. I wonder why and if it will be ever fixed as well…

I mean if we are being low key pushed to use gpt 4, that guy comes with 10x cost. We just want the turbo back on its feet.


Any info regarding to this subject yet?