Got the error on adding chatgpt plugin with AOuth: Error creating plugin: {\"message\":\"'openai'\"}

I was working on chatgpt plugin with OAuth flow but when I add type=‘oauth’ in manifest I get an error Error creating plugin: {\"message\":\"'openai'\"}
When I remove it and set type=‘none’ it is ok
What this error is about? What should I fix?

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I’ve found out that it was because I didn’t have verification_token settings in auth section

Hi @lifanov.a.v

I hope this message finds you well. I’m reaching out because I’ve encountered an issue similar to one you’ve previously resolved, and I’m hoping you might be able to provide some guidance.

I’m currently working on a plugin and I’m having trouble with the auth section of my manifest file. Here’s what it looks like:

"auth": {
  "type": "oauth",
  "client_url": "{DOMAIN}/oauth",
  "authorization_url": "{DOMAIN}/auth/oauth_exchange",
  "scope": "",
  "authorization_content_type": "application/json",
  "verification_tokens": {
    "openai": "Replace_this_string_with_the_verification_token_generated_in_the_ChatGPT_UI"

I understand that I won’t receive the verification_tokens until I’ve added my plugin, but I’m unsure what to put in its place for now. I’ve tried using an empty object, but to no avail. For context, the {DOMAIN} is a production domain of my application.

If you could shed some light on this issue, or perhaps share the auth section of your manifest file, it would be immensely helpful.

I appreciate your time and any assistance you can provide. Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi @feargalwalsh
At the first time I was adding the plugin with manifest without verification_tokens section and was getting the error.
After that I added this section with the same content ‘openai’: ‘Replace…’
After that when you will add plugin chatgpt will ask you add client_id, client_secret and after that it show you verification token that you should place instead of ‘Replace…’
After that I suppose it should fix the problem
At least it did in my case

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