Google Spreadsheet + GPT3

You cant do this with ChatGPT right now because there is no API for it.

You could however, do something with GPT3 and a chat prompt. Even though it can’t get data from a specific end point, you could potentially train it up to answer questions and use placeholders in your training.

Eg the current stock price on the for Russell 2000 on the NYSE is ##price##

Then whenever you see ##price## in a response, you could swap it out with the data you get from making your own call to another service that provides stock prices

The real trick here is to figure out what the placeholder(s) should be to get it to appear inline on a reliable basis.

Eg. The ## may be intercepted by codex and it may start to think you are trying to write a program instead of asking a completion.

You may also be able to use a different placeholder for the trading stock name (Russell 2000)

You may even be able to do this using a few-shot prompt instead of training

Anyway, just some ideas to try (Nothing tested by me)

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