Good guides or tips and tricks for the build your own bot thing? Suggestions for what it should be able to do?

I’m looking mainly for guides of the gpt for plus subscribers and the ability to create models.

I manually do articles, a lot is automated or automatable, but it did not workout the way I wanted to. I have no idea how to train it to respond over time and given the bot fails no matter how you ask to remove “in conclusion, in summary, lastly, further more” and other key give aways that it is gpt written even without it plus the lack of something like a continue button that automatically continues x amount of times, its useless from what I gathered, because the output is too short to my liking.

I already tried doing a book but the hardcoded inhuman way of talking is very annoying sometimes. Maybe somebody knows how to make it stop making articles into lists explaining words rather then explaining the subject in human way?

After returning to it, it seems the create a GPT is doing better then the normal GPT. It is only a question wether I can get the kinks out of the chain definitely worth experimenting with ones you understand what it does.

Comprehension of context is much much better it seems for now and it understand more data better.

Ok, no it did what was intended once, it has greater capabilities, but still doesn’t do what it is supposed to