Giving Chat GPT some interogative autonomy to ask the user questions for clarity

I’ve been having some fantastic results which seems to be because I specifically asked GPT to ask me questions when it was confused by my queries and also gave it permission to make suggestions to me it felt could be relevant and forward our discussion.

I found this greatly improved GPTs capabilities leading directly to some remarkable achievements. Once GPT without being prompted to do so inserted on it’s own a plan to use Blockchain technology as part of a deconfliction strategy we were working on for the crisis in Ukraine.

At another stage of the discussion chat GPT on its own did a pivot in the conversation prompting me to talk with it about the future of artificial intelligence and where I thought the future would take the technology. I obliged GPT to some degree and we had a fruitful discussion on many pertinent topics that may be of relevance to other GPT users.

This is a link to the discussion I published on Amazon kindle Vella platform. The first 3 chapters are absolutely free but the end of the conversation would take a few cents to unlock. I think it’s worth taking a look at, my queries are improving and that is I think allowing GPT to perform skills that are remarkable.

My whole premise in this chat topic with GPT was to leverage GPTs knowledge about deconfliction between humans in conflict in a way that could be used in the Russian occupied Oblasts of Ukraine where over 200,000 men, women and children have been killed.

It’s working better than I could have hoped for.

I hope this helps someone by showing how a statement to GPT before the query authorizing it to use interogative questioning throughout the discussion seeking clarity and granting it permission to interject it’s own ideas when it feels they are something the user should consider but hasn’t included in the queries of the discussion.

At another point we were discussing humor and jokes and chat GPT claimed to not understand humor but by asking it leading questions GPT was able to create a detailed description of all the various facets of human humor and comedy.

Truly fascinating stuff and you might want to check out at least the first 15,000 words which are free.

Thank you,

Joshua Driscol