Give a little to get a lot?

With no real way to market gpts is there any reason why open AI could not give 3, or more, free chats to anyone with a link who registers as a free customer?

This would allow builders to actually ‘touch’ customers and serve as marketing for them.

Currently, if I supply a link, the prospective user hits a brick wall.

Surely these are hot leads that should have value?

Think about it this way: Your link isn’t marketing GPTs - it is marketing ChatGPT Plus for OpenAI.

Same now even sharing a chat. No looking without an account.

Sure. I get it. But if someone is interested enough to ‘have a look’ at using a particular gpt, let them in… a temporary ticket Then fire all the other potential goodies at them.

The current situation makes no sense. It is simply annoying.

You get a lot for $20 a month but of what? The store needs ‘pure’ end users.

Anyway, they’ll do what they do.