GitHub RAW or GitHub public repository in read only mode

I was thrilled by the first version of ChatGPT-4 with Browsing capabilities, and I had built an extensive workflow using GitHub to organize many different text files, aiming to avoid repetitive and redundant explanations to ChatGPT.

A few weeks ago, when we got browsing capabilities back, it was no longer possible. However, I was still able to ask ChatGPT to infer the link to the same page using the GitHub raw equivalent.

That was a very useful workaround, but now it’s blocked again. I assume it might be due to security or privacy concerns.

Since my AI Agent mentioned that it could have access to Gist files, I would assume it is probably not necessarily a safety mechanism (I can still copy and paste the code or screenshot it).

Can anyone confirm if it will be possible to use GitHub links to read text files in our own personal public repo? I would appreciate not splitting my workflow across multiple platforms and interfaces.