Getting the plugin to activate - seems very random right now

We have built a demo plugin and seem to have clearly specified the conditions under which it should be activated. However, ChatGPT seems very random in when it activates it.

Is there some logic or visibility into how/when the plugin gets activated?

Background: So we are working on a no-code plugin builder where every customer of CustomGPT automatically gets a plugin endpoint by which they can build plugins with no code. We’ve built a demo plugin about “indoor plants” and technically it should activate anytime there is a user question around indoor plants (e.g. “What are the best indoor plants?”) – however, activating the plugin seems a hit-or-miss.

Any thoughts around this?

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I used command prompts /start {{Plug-in Name}} works everytime

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Thank you – that worked great.

PS: How ChatGPT will decide whether it really uses the plugin would be nice to know …

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Depends on which plugins you have active. Generally explicit commands work better than generic command and control functions