Getting the intent of a question

Hi All,
I’m struggling with a bot structure.
I’d like to create an “automatic helpdesk assistant” connected to an IVR who can answer to tracking info or collect feedbacks.

The initial prompt, after I convert speech to text, will be
“role”: “system”,
“content”: “You are a helpdesk operator, and your purpose is to solve problems related to delivery practices. the problem is in double quotes. In case a problem is missing data, you must request it. In case there’s no problem you have to ask a customer feedback. "”"

The phrase should be like

  • Hey, the package is correctly arrived
  • My package is not arrived yet, could I have a status update?

In the fist case, the answer will ask a feedback, in the other one a tracking code.

Is it possible to get the intent of the previous question?
I tried this without success
“role”: “system”,
“content”: “user answered the phrase in double quotes. What was the question in the thread? answer should be feedback, tracking code or address. ""”



OpenAI has a free course that has a video about Inferring using a similar use case as yours.

Good luck!

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Hi @andrea.mason85

Welcome to the OpenAI dev community.

This looks like a classification problem with additional steps.

IMO it is easily solvable with embeddings.